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"I looked better in photographs in my younger days."

FINITE, the first of an ongoing collaboration of spoken word and videography between myself and my dear friend Romila Barryman in attempt to capture blinks of time, fleeting moments and beautiful briefness that often cause sudden loss of breath. Together we go under the name EVERYONE. Check it out! Hope it inspires.

"What’s the best advice your father’s ever given you?"

"Don’t let it kill you; don’t let it destroy you. You are strong." What was he referring to by "it"?"

"A dark event from my past. He was assuring me that no matter how big the obstacle, nothing can break me."

In honor of Remembrance Day, Humans of Hamilton wants you to submit photos or stories of the veterans or soldiers in your life who inspire you. To participate, please submit your photo with a caption or story in a fb message or email Also if you happen to capture a cool photo of a veteran today, you can submit those as well! Let’s honor these brave men and women! :)

"The true soldier fights not because he hates what’s in front of him but because he loves what’s behind him"

Remembering those who fought for our freedom today in this beautiful country we are privileged to live in. We are eternally grateful.

Seen at Hutch’s on the Beach - Submitted by Drew Hewitt

I just love her smirk, and the way her eye is hidden behind the braid, and the way the hair matches the dress.

"You can take my picture only if I get to pretend like you’re not there."

We are all worthy of respect, care, love and happiness. Every single person on this planet. All of us. We are all of unimaginable worth.