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In retrospect. | Humans of Hamilton.

I met Majorie at a bus stop on King street and I asked her what her favorite childhood memory was. I didn’t expect a fifteen minute conversation about everything from Christmases as child back in Jamaica, to memories of when she first moved to Canada “many, many years ago” and very detailed stories about her single mother of seven, who used to work at the market back in Jamaica. She made me finally understand what my mother meant when she said that the reason we cherish memories is because the little things in life are easier to hold on to.

"What’s your favorite childhood memory?" 
"My father coming home from work."
"Why is this special?"
"Because my father worked a lot. We never got to see him much. So when he’d come back home, that was special. 
"What kind of work did your father do?
"He worked with airplanes."

"What’s been the happiest moment in your life so far?"
"Oh that’s easy. Having my kid, Randy, back in ‘76. Nothing will ever top that."

How about we pick things up where we left off? :)

"I looked better in photographs in my younger days."

FINITE, the first of an ongoing collaboration of spoken word and videography between myself and my dear friend Romila Barryman in attempt to capture blinks of time, fleeting moments and beautiful briefness that often cause sudden loss of breath. Together we go under the name EVERYONE. Check it out! Hope it inspires.

"What’s the best advice your father’s ever given you?"

"Don’t let it kill you; don’t let it destroy you. You are strong." What was he referring to by "it"?"

"A dark event from my past. He was assuring me that no matter how big the obstacle, nothing can break me."

In honor of Remembrance Day, Humans of Hamilton wants you to submit photos or stories of the veterans or soldiers in your life who inspire you. To participate, please submit your photo with a caption or story in a fb message or email Also if you happen to capture a cool photo of a veteran today, you can submit those as well! Let’s honor these brave men and women! :)